Desktop shortcuts change with screen resolution change

Hello,I use my pc for gaming and browsing the interwebs and i do that with a 24 inch monitor. But when i watch series or movies i switch my HDMI cable to the tv. That tv uses a different resolution.

So when i switch back to my 24 inch monitor the desktop shortcuts are in a different order then how i left them before switching to the monitor.
Is there anyway i can make them automatically change back?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It's not super easy to save the exact icon positions by default, which is actually something that bugs a lot of people.

    Try this method
  2. Okay that sucks, it bugs me also that windows doesnt have like a standard option for that. I mean they do support multiplemonitor setups and that kinda stuff.

    I installed the layout.dll but it doesn't work :(. Thanks anyways
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    what programs? what resolutions? pc spec?
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