New Hard Drive Causing Power Issues?

I just recently had to replace a 1 TB hard drive in my PC, and now it's randomly shutting down without warning. The Original hard drive was a Western Digital 1 TB drive. The one my husband and I replaced it with was a Segate 1 TB drive. Both state on the Hard drive that they are SATA.

It is the only Drive on the PC, and my original concern was that it had different power requirements than the old one. There are no partitions or anything on the new drive, just a fresh Windows 7 64bit OS, and all the usual software.

When it shuts off, it's completely idle usually, idle in the middle of the night etc. and I wake up to find it off. Most recently, I was sitting right at my desk, playing with my kid, and I turned to find it off again. The power button was unresponsive, so I flipped the switch on the PsU at the back. That didn't work either. I toggled the power strip it's plugged into, and that didn't work either. The only way it would power back on was if I unplugged the power cord, then back in again, then hit the power button.

The PsU is a Corsair 700 that was put in after the original one gave out. My husband and I have struggled to keep my PC working. The Graphics card, an AMD Radeon HD 6900 had to be replaced when the old design caused the fan on it to burn out. Originally we got exactly what we paid for when we bought from IBuyPower, and have been working to iron out issues from the first month of ownership. My husband has the same PC, and his issues with hardware have essentially been the same, save the hard drive.

It's looking very much like the power supply is giving out again which is supremely frustrating, although I am unsure.


OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
System Manufacturer Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model GA-870A-UD3
System Type x64-based PC
Processor AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1100T Processor, 3300 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 6 Logical Processor(s)
BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. F4, 11/10/2010
SMBIOS Version 2.4
System Directory C:\Windows\system32
Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 8.00 GB
Total Physical Memory 8.00 GB
Available Physical Memory 5.82 GB
Total Virtual Memory 16.0 GB
Available Virtual Memory 13.6 GB

I really feel as though I am missing something more technical than just a hardware problem. I appreciate any advice given.
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  1. Try to replace the PSU from another PC, and test with it, see the results, then please reply back.
  2. lonewolf7 said:
    Try to replace the PSU from another PC, and test with it, see the results, then please reply back.

    Okay. Although the PsU's in my PC, and that of my Husband are the exact same. And at that rate I might as well get a whole new PsU, again. It's new enough to still be under warranty, so it doesn't make much sense to me that it would break so soon.

    What I am wondering is if there is a setting somewhere that could cause it, or something similar?
  3. Best answer
    Did you changed the power options to put the computer to sleep under certain amount of time -> Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Options\Edit Plan Settings. Check that. If that is not the problem, then please try what I said earlier.

    And it could be a issue of a faulty MB. So first try the PSU, then we will see to other components.
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