Help me find a PSU for my build

Currently this is my build.

I'm looking to run SLI for two GeForce 770X 2GB video card. I'm only looking to run 2 graphic cards and not considering getting 2 until i can afford the second/ until i need it.

I have no idea what PSU will work out for my system. Please help.
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    the psu in your build looks great. and good branded 750w+ will be fine as long as it is 80+ bronze or better
  2. The card on the site recommends a 600w power supply and only uses 230w, i think for an overall build, a 700w or 750w power supply should be efficient.
  3. even with 2 cards in sli/crossfire 750w would be ok if high draw cpu and 2 high draw cards maybe an 850w later but really no need 750w will do fine
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