Anything bottlenecking me?

Currently got:
- CPU: i5 3570K
- Mobo: P8H61-MX USB3.0
- GPU: Gigabyte GTX 780
- PSU: Corsair TX650V2
- HDD: (Sadly) WDC WD5000AAKX-00ERMA0 (7200 RPM, 16 MB Buffer, i know this is crap but let's pretend it's a a decent 64 MB buffer one)

My question would be, taking into consideration that my mobo does not allow overclocking even though my CPU does (was into low budget at the time..), does anything bottleneck anything (except for the HDD, which i have written above why)
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  1. No bottleneck there.
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    Absolutely no bottleneck there.

    You already said it yourself by mentioning the HDD, but the next logical upgrade would be a SSD. And you can keep the HDD as a secondary drive for data storage. But beside a SSD I don't see anything else you could upgrade, you got a nice setup.

    Even overclocking is not mandatory as the i5-3570K is a pretty fast CPU even at stock speed.
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