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I have recently installed a 128 GB SSD in my Custom Build, and as we all know 128 GB is minuscule when coming to Games/Software.

It's nice and dandy having a 2 TB hard drive to install things on, but there are some programs that you cant change the install directory on and install nativly on the C:\ drive.

I know you can change the defualt Program Files, Program Files (x86) directory but that makes other programs look in that drive (the HDD) when in fact they are installed on the SSD.

How do I make things automatically install on my HDD without damaging other things?
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    this link will help you do that
    please dont change anything that it doesnt tell you too i learned that the hard way
  2. Not true, all programs (or 99% of them) will ask you where to install. Of course, don't click on "typical" or "recommended" setup. Always select "Custom" setup and the software will ask you for the path where you want to install it, then you can select D:\ instead of C:\ for example.

    But I recommend installing the most important programs on the SSD because they will run faster. Of course if the program is too heavy and take up too much space you have no choice to install it somewhere else.

    It's also a good idea to disable and delete the hibernation files because they take too much space on C:\ (there are many procedures about that on the Internet just make a search).

    Another interesting things to do is to move the location of some system files to the HDD, like "Desktop", "My Documents", "My Pictures", "My Music", etc... in order to maximize the space on your SSD.
  3. If you need to move already installed folders, you can move the folders and create symbolic links. The command in Windows is "mklink /j", but read up on it for a few minutes before you start moving things around.

    A lot of programs will want to install on your C: drive by default, so you just have to be diligent about installing them to the other drive if you don't want them on your SSD. Or you can move them afterwards and setup symbolic links.
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