ASUS P6X58D-E RAM issues


I have some issues with my DDR-3 DIMMs that's installed on my P6X58D-E motherboard.

The DIMMs I'm using are KINGSTON DDR3 HYPERX 12GB 1600MHZ CL9 (6X2GB).

My current setup is just about a year old or so and I had no problems with it from the start, but recently I've experienced bootup issues. The issues seem to relate to having all 6 DIMMs installed at once. Having all 6 DIMMs installed at once results in bootup failure when start button is pressed. It boots up fine when powered off and started again. No LED is lit, indicating RAM issues and the RAM is performing great in various memtests without any issues. I hear a beep from the speaker at first bootup but nothing shows up on the screen. I did try to remove 3 DIMMs and then the issue goes away. It boots flawlessly on first try every time

I've reset BIOS but the issue remains. I ran the DIMMs in 1600 MHz at the beginning when my setup was new and also overclocked the CPU a bit. I don't know if that caused the issue or not but it ran fine though. After these issues came up and after resetting BIOS, I haven't bothered changing any parameters. I let BIOS choose the proper settings for me and leave it at that.

What do you reckon could be the problem here? I have tried everything, I think.
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  1. I would go back in and enable xmp and let them run at the 1600 MHz CL9 they are supposed to, sometimes slowing them down and not having them set properly can actually be worse.
  2. I tried but sorry to say it didn't solve the problem. But I might continue running the modules at 1600 MHz now when I've changed to XMP.
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