pros and cons between these two motherboards?

hey everyone, i posted a similar thread awhile ago, but i STILL cant make a decision. i am bouncing back and forth between the asus m5a97 r2 and the new gigabyte 970a ud3p. i find alot of info online about the asus, but there is NOTHING about the gigabyte, only a polish unboxing on youtube. the gigabyte seems to be the better board, newer with a better power phase, but i do like the bios on the asus and i hear a lot of good things. can anyone lay out some pros and cons for me? recommendations? the asus did drop to 84$ on newegg with a new promotion as the gigabyte stands at 99, but if im getting a better product with the gigabyte, i have no problem spending the extra money.

thanks all
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    When you do the comparison you will see that they are almost same, but the gigabyte has 8+2 power phase count, asus only has the 4+2. So if you use either FX6 or FX8 then you are fine for both, if you want to use the FX9 series, then maybe get the gigabyte, but they don't officially say the MB support fx9 series CPU.
    So I recommend to get the asus m5a97 r2 if you only plan to get the fx6 or fx8 series cpu.
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