I changed windows 8 for windows 7 on my new laptop, but now I can't get windows 8 back

This morning I received my new Asus N76VB latop with windows 8 pre-installed. I also got myself a crucial M500 SSD though so I wanted to installe windows 8 on this drive.

After many failed attempts I got frustrated and decided to just go with windows 7. Unfortunately it turned out that the 2 keys I got from microsoft when I was a student are not being accepted anymore.

So at this moment the only legal windows I own is the windows 8 that came pre-installed with the laptop. The laptop didn't come with a windows disk though and to download one legally from microsoft I need my product key, which I don't have and don't know how to get since windows 8 is not installed anymore (meaning a program like belarc can't seem to help me).

My last option seemed to be to restore the laptop, since I didn't format the restore partition. But when I try this I get the message "unable to reset your pc. a required drive partition is missing".

So at this moment I'm completely stuck and don't know how to solve this. I want windows 8 on the SSD but at this point I would even be happy if I could just restore to how it was.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

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  1. is the key not on a sticker underneath?
  2. I heard that some newer win 8 laptops have the Key embedded into the bios rather than putting it on a sticker.
  3. spiketheaardvark said:
    I heard that some newer win 8 laptops have the Key embedded into the bios rather than putting it on a sticker.

    I think that was the case from the beginning. It was supposed to replace OEM SLP.

    So have you tried just installing 8 and seeing what it does? You shouldn't need a key to install. Though there are likely additional steps to activate. Im not completely up to speed on the new volume license system.
  4. The backup IMAGE if Windows 8 is on a hidden partition of the HDD.

    Are you trying to restore the backup Image from the HDD or do you have the SSD installed?

    1. Install only HDD
    2. Factory Restore
    3. CLONE W8 to new SSD (must attach SSD via 2nd slot, or USB such as BlacX)
    *Recommend Macrium Reflect Free.

    4. Swap SSD to main drive.

    get Start8
  5. Unless he wiped the drive entirely.
  6. FALC0N said:
    Unless he wiped the drive entirely.

    I'm not sure.
    He said he "didn't format the restore partition" so did he only attempt to install to the SSD?

    *Please confirm Windows 8 is bootable from the HDD and that you didn't mess with the hard drive.
  7. Thanks for helping me guys. I din't wipe the the recovery partitions but they don't show in my computer either. I can only see them in disk management; one 20GB recovery partition and one 900MB recovery partition (and then there's also 1 "EFI system partition of 100MB)

    The key is nowhere to be found so downloading a legal windows 8 to make a CD doesnt seem to be an option at this point.
  8. FALC0N said:

    The thing is that I dont have a windows 8 CD...
  9. I'm sure you will dig one up. The key is the important part.
  10. The other alternative is to head over to the laptop vendor's website or call them up and ask them to ship out the recovery media however this may incur a shipping charge.
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