Looking to install a second hard drive for storage space - Need help

Hi i'm looking for some help on how to go about installing a secondary hard drive for storage space. I plan to move some files, pictures and games from my Solid State Drive to the new drive.

I have gone out and purchased a Western Digital 1TB HDD from my local computer store:

My system specs are as follows:

Intel i7 950 CPU
Motherboard: SABERTOOTH X58 Socket 1366
Operating System: Windows 7 Professional
SSD: Corsair Force 3
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 560 Ti
PSU: Corsair HX850W Power Supply

I would just like to know what steps I should take to install this drive properly as it has been some time since I have done something like this.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm guessing it's a desktop that you are referring to so it's pretty easy.

    First of connect all of your connectors to the drive (sata power and sata data)
    boot up your computer as it SHOULD be recognized by your MoBo automatically.

    now you need to do a partition so:
    Click Start, right-click Computer, and select Manage. This will bring up the Computer Management program. Once there, click Disk Management in the left pane, under Storage.

    This will display all of your internal drives. The new one should have a black rather than a blue bar on the top. And it should be described as Unallocated. Right-click that drive, select New Simple Volume, and follow the wizard.

    that's it, your done :)
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