Catalyst Control Centre host not working, AMD graphics drivers "disappeared", I'm at wit's end.

I got my laptop about a year ago, a Samsung with AMD A8 quad core radeon dual graphics
One is AMD Radeon HD 6400M series
the other is AMD Radeon HD 6620G

It has crossfire X, and it has recently been causing graphic artifact issues with a few games I play, so I disabled it in the Catalyst control centre. The games started working fine again, but with less performance.

I wanted to utilize both of the graphics cards to squeeze the most performance out of my laptop so I Went into my advanced display settings, and I updated the driver on the 6620G, hoping it would fix the graphic artifacts.

Here is where the problem begins (in my perspective) Troubleshoot with me.

I decided to clean my laptop fan, so I turned off my computer, waited for it to shut off, and disconnected the battery. I couldnt find a way to take the laptop apart so I put the battery back in and started up the computer.

I was going back into the Catalyst Control Centre to re-enable my second graphics card, hoping my driver update has fixed the problem. However all I got was a window saying
"no amd graphics driver is installed or the amd driver is not functioning properly"

I went back into the advanced display settings again to try to check if I missed something in the driver update, but instead explorer.exe kept crashing when I went into the advanced settings....

The final step I took to trying to fix this was Device Manager>Display Adapters> Check for updates on each of the two graphics cards. Both were up to date. However I still couldnt acces my catalyst control centre.

Could the problem be that the old drivers are interfering with the new ones, if they havent been replaced automatically in the update? I am still a young patawan when it comes to this. ANY help is appreciated. I hope this can get resolved quickly.
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  1. did you load your ati graphic driver from the laptop maker first place to go .
  2. scout_03 said:
    did you load your ati graphic driver from the laptop maker first place to go .

    I actually pinpointed the issue. I updated the graphics driver the default way (Device manager>Display adapters>update driver software) And that's when everything starts going wrong. I then went back into it and rolled back to my old driver and it started working just fine. Any suggestions?
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