Cannot update my AMD Driver.

I have a AMD Radeon 7640G in my laptop. Any time I play a game like WoW it recommends I update my graphics driver. When I go to the AMD website and use auto detect it says something like "incompatible hardware detected". What do I do?
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  1. Well you have an APU, so have you checked the APU drivers?

    edit, umm I just doublechecked that and it seems the APU drivers are pointing to the normal catalyst suite as well. lol what's the point of having them listed separately GPU/APU if you end up with the same driver in the end :DDD

    so maybe check the laptop manufs site for the drivers? Probably not the latest thou...
  2. did you try your laptop maker ?
  3. Yes I have tried Samsung who manufacture my laptop and there no help at all. My model number isn't listed on there website for some reason and there download center is broken.
  4. give the model i will try .
  5. Samsung NP355V5CC-A04UK
  6. Sorry it's NP355V5CC-A04UK
  7. There is no difference...
    For mobile GPUs like in laptops usually the manufacturers supply you with driver updates
  8. found it on uk site all driver availlable for this laptop and the last vga for win 7 was in 2012 also check if all of the one you have are the latest specialy the chipset one .
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