Sapphire R9 270X vs Asus R9270 direct CU2 vs Saphire 7870 GHz edition dual-x OC???

There are within $20 dollars of each other so price is not an issue. Just performance and future proofing with the whole Mantle API think coming soon.

Thanks in advance
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  1. The Sapphire 270x would likely out perform the other two.
  2. if you can get the sapphire toxic 270x its a beast and considered the best 270x.its a pretty big card so if you do make sure you can fit it
  3. Yeah... sorry but the toxic is not in my budget. If I overclock the R9 270, would I be able to match R9 270x performance? Or close to it? Or should I just not bother and get the R9270x then overclock on top of that?
  4. ive seen reviews of the 270 and they said they went into afterburner turned all the sliders up and it was fine and performed better then the reference 270x and only needs 1 6 pin power connector i believe. you could get little more performance with a 270x oced and its 20 bucks more so go with the 270x if you dont mind the little bump in price
  5. due to everyone saying that the 270x is better i guess i will be picking that up today.

    Thanks everyone who helped really appreciate this
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