ASUS GTX 770 DCU-II OC 2GB Safe Overclock?

I just got myself a new rig, here are the specs:

ASUS Z87 Pro MoBo
Intel Core i5 4670K CPU
16 GB G.Skill RipjawX RAM
128 GB Samsung 840 EVO SSD

I'm putting my card on an overclock of 1260 GHz boost clock with ASUS's GPU Tweak software and overvolting the card to 1212 mV.
When gaming I find that my card runs at 1293 GHz and gets to 80 degrees celcius. Is that a safe overclock for my card if I want it to run for a few years down the road? (Planning to keep this build for at least 5 years) I do not overclock my CPU or my GPU's VRAM. I realise when I run games like AC IV I get up to 1.9GB usage of my VRAM too.

Thank you for reading this! And Please give me your opinions and advice, thanks!
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    As long as it's stable, you're good to go. Can't guarantee it will last for 5 years, though.
  2. It crashes sometimes when I run unigine though, so should I down clock it?
  3. Yes, or raise the voltage. The crash means the overclock is unstable.
  4. I see, thanks!
  5. No problem!
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