ok to turn cm elite 130 on its side, hd and dvd?

im going to be building a gaming rig with a cm elite 130, im going to be placing it in a open air rack under a desk, it will have open air on five sides, top right front, back and bottom, but the left side is less than half a inch away from a wall.

I noticed the left side of the elite 130 has the vent holes for the graphics card, and since im going to be getting a 290 or 700 series im thinking about rotating the case in the rack so the bottom is against the wall, and all other sides have open air.

my question is is this ok, will this cause any damage or durability issues.

I do notice the elite 130 has a alternate spot for a hard drive so I can put it on that which makes it vertical, until rotated, which will put it horizontal, but the dvd is stuck at horizontal so if rotated will be vertical.

thanks in advance for all you experts, I would be screwed without you.
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    Computers and their hardware are usually not sensitive to the position they are in: upright, right side down, left side down, upside down - they will run. However, you might have to remount fans to get correct airflow; remember heat rises and is easier to exhaust from the "up" side of a case: Had to lay a custom built PC on its side at work. when that was done I had to change the rear fan to intake and the side fan to exhaust (front was already intake). It's been working like a charm for 2 years, almost 3.
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