What keyboard, mouse and gaming headset should I get?

Well, it's that time. Time to upgrade my gaming equipment.....

Well, I really don't have a limit or budget on the stuff, but what brand should I look for? Now really, razer is fine, but it's not the only brand out there.

I was looking at logitech, because they have that LCD screen on the top of the keyboard and that can be useful. Steelseries is another, and corsair.

If you guys can, please recommend me anything that is good, and made for gaming. And I'll look over them, and see if they're good. Thanks :)
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  1. Razer has some great peripherals, as well as Corsair, LogiTech and Steel series, all have some great products that will last you really long!

    Hope this helps!
  2. Corsair vengeance K-95 keyboard and Logitech G400S mouse, I'm getting the Asus Orion headset for now.
  3. Oh, sorry I forgot to mention. I'm a lefty lol.
  4. The ducky shine 3 mechanical keyboard is AWESOME!!!!!
    the lighting features and double pcb layers are just great craftmentship from that company. One of the top of the line keyboard makers.

    I've had steelseries and Razer Blackwidow 2013 ULTIMATE edition before upgrading to this one.
    (all around 150)

    as for headsets, kraken forged headset from razer is top of the line headset so far. logitech g930 (wireless) and beach headsets are common

    as for mouses, all personal preference for grip. I use the deathadder and rat 9 mouse.
  5. Lol no way are the krakens top of the line so far. Not even remotely close to sennheisers. Of course they cost way more then the krakens.
  6. Executeorder66 said:
    Lol no way are the krakens top of the line so far. Not even remotely close to sennheisers. Of course they cost way more then the krakens.

    and as for the sennheisers, im guessing you're mentioning the HD series headphones?
    those are audiophile headphones, not gaming, the poster wanted gaming.

    The Kraken is a mix of both for gaming and music with good quality build.
    while being top of the line.
    this is all opinion.
  7. There the best period. Gaming, music, teamspeak, whatever you want to use them for. Best is best er* least that's how I perceive the word ;)
  8. So after shopping online, and looking over reviews, maybe these are alright?

    Razer blackwidow ultimate 2013 (Which is on sale :D)
    Or the logitech g19 :

    I saw this on sale as well, the Razer Ouroboros Elite Ambidextrous mouse :
    Or Razer Naga 2014 left handed :

    And the final, the headset.

    SteelSeries Siberia ELITE:

    Sennheiser PC 320:

    Razer Kraken 7.1:

    These are just some I found, but if you guys do, is there anything else better then what I selected? Some of them are in sale which is good, I can save some money on the steam sales :D
  9. Best answer
    Go with the razer blackwidow for the keyboard
    and for mouse use whatever you think is best

    as for the headset, I wouldn't get the Kraken headset unless it's the new "forged" edition.

    at around those prices you'll be better off with the Steelseries Siberia or a turtle beach headset.
  10. Alright, i made my choices, I'll get the razer blackwidow ultimate and the razer Ouroboros Elite. And I'll look into more for headsets. I'll pick them up on Sunday. Also for a new modular PSU, a better CPU cooler, cover my whole computer in fans, maybe a backplate for my gtx 770, and fan and led controller lol. Thanks everyone for help.
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