which psu is best for hd 7770 or gtx 650ti

please give me a list of psu from these in order from best from top to the bad in bottom for hd 7770,or gtx 650tiCooler Master CM 350 Plus 350 Watts PSU,Huntkey Power Supply CP350 350 Watts PSU,Corsair VS350 350W,Huntkey Power Supply CP400 400 Watts,Antec BP300P 300 Watts PSU,Cooler Master Elite Power 350W RS350-PSARI3-US 350 Watts PSUGrey,Corsair VS450 450 Watt PSU,Huntkey Power Supply Greenstar 450 450 Watts PSU,Seasonic SS400BT PSU,Cooler Master Thunder 450W 450 Watts PSU,Huntkey Power Supply Greenstar 500 500 Watts PSUAntec VP450P 450 Watts PSU,Huntkey Power Supply APFC 500 500 Watts,PSU Corsair SMPS CX430 430 Watts PSU
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    it a seasonic unit that been rebranded. with the 650 or 7770 you want to have 550 or larger power supply so there rom on the 12v rail for the gpu and cpu when it under full load. buying small 300w power supply wont work you just blow up your rig.
  2. The 650 Ti needs a 400 Watt or greater power supply and the HD 7770 needs at least 450 Watts. So, plug all your components in here:
    and based on the recommended wattage, pick a power supply from a reputable vendor (such as Seasonic).
  3. but some people said that 400W is enough to run hd7770
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    I built a budget gaming PC with HD 7790 using Rosewill 400W. No problems running on full load.
  5. thanks my friend
  6. plz u tell me which psu should i buy for hd 7770 from these
  7. From these, buy the Corsair CX430
  8. But if you are looking for a cheap solution, you will get what you pay for. Power supplies fail and they can take other parts with them
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