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i am running a GA78LMT-S2P mobo, with Phenom IIx4 B50, 8GB RAM, and Radeon HD 6450 graphics card, with windows 7 ultimate OS. My screen/system keeps freezing, and will sometimes come right back & display the error message, "your display driver has stopped working",or will cause the system to reboot. I have already tried update the drivers, as well as roll back the drivers, and even uninstall/disable, None of which had any change. The only other settings i can think of that might help, would be the High Performance GPU clock setting & the High Performance memory clock settings, but I am not sure how to even go about setting them properly. can anyone help?
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    I had gtx 560 once which gave me the "your display driver has stopped working" error message,I tried a lot of things but nothing worked so in the end I got the card exchanged with an amd hd 6870.So may be your card is faulty.
  2. What PSU do you have? Don't know for sure, but PSUs often cause problems like these..
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