intel core i7 4960X vs Intel core i5 3570k

So I have the i5 3570k in my computer right now and it works very well. However I've been reading about the 4th gen processors and I chose the 4960X. The price is outrageous and I believe it Isnt all that better than my processor. It does have essentially a 4Ghz base clock but I think thats about it. So my question is, what makes the 4960X great and possibly better than mine(I'm fully aware that my cpu isn't the best). Any responses would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Firstly, Extreme edition chips are an absolute waste of money. At most get the 4930K.

    That said, for gaming you won't notice the difference from an OCed 3570K. And your CPU is actually almost the best when it comes to gaming. I wouldn't bother getting anything more than a 4670K, which performs almost identically.
  2. So there really isnt a difference between the 3570k and the 4670k, the only difference I noticed is that the 4670k is 4th gen obviously and the 3570k is clocked at 3.8 Ghz on turbo mode. So really its the same product for just as much then right?
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    In terms of usage, pretty much.

    There are actual physical differences, but as far as performance, there isnt as much of a difference between 3570k and 4670k
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