Power supply about to die? Or something else...

Dear Tom's Hardware users,

I recently installed a mini PCI-e Killer N 1202 WiFi card into my desktop PC using a mini PCI-e to PCI-e adaptor card. After the install and some careful cleaning, when I turned on the PC, I heard a fizzing noise, but didn't think too much about it at the time since it booted successfully and the new WiFi card worked. However, when I shutdown the PC I noticed a strange noise. I removed the case and took a closer look. I took this video which shows the problem.

Basically, the power supply fan seems to be pulsing on and off (the fan is moving slightly again and again) and there are also several LEDs lit up on the motherboard (1 red, 1 green 1 orange and 2 orange 2 green). The system still boots and everything seems to work fine, but I'm concerned that this might be a warning sign. Perhaps a failing power supply (maybe the fizz was a dislodged dust particle shorting in the power supply and damaging it) or a possible short circuit I have introduced with the new card. I have not gone as far as bread boarding the system yet as I know everything was working fine prior to changing the WiFi card, but I have made sure I reseated all the cards and cables carefully.

I looked up my PSU and it is still under warranty with Corsair so I plan to RMA it if people agree that it is the likely issue. Any other diagnosis or suggestions would be greatly appreciated though.

Kind regards,


System info:
CPU - i7 930 2.80GHz (Bloomfield)
MOBO - Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD3R Intel X58 (Socket 1366) DDR3
RAM - Kingston HyperX 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3-12800CL9 (1600MHz)
Case - Antec 902 Nine Hundred Two Ultimate Gaming Case
HD - 2x Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 1TB SATA-II 32MB Cache
SSD - OCZ Vertex 120 GB
GPU - Sapphire Radeon HD7950 3GB Vapor-X OC Boost edition
PSU - Corsair TX 850W ATX SLI Compliant Power Supply
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    I would RMA it as soon as you get a chance , don't risk your other components.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    I would RMA it as soon as you get a chance , don't risk your other components.

    So, I presume that means all signs would suggest the power supply is on it's way out?

    I was considering buying a power supply tester (like this one or a multimeter (although I've never used one before!) to confirm, particularly as I have since got into building my own PCs and it could prove useful again in the future. Worth doing? In this case are we confident enough that the PSU is buggered to RMA without testing it?

    I've never RMA'd anything trickier than a HD before, so with a PSU I assume I have to include all the cables as well as the main unit? Any advice here?

    I will stop using the PC now, thanks for the heads up and your fast response.
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