Crossfire 7870 vs 290 vs 290x vs 780ti

Hello, I'm looking for a graphics card upgrade, I currently have the xfx 7870 , I'm deciding whether I should buy another one and crossfore, or sell and go with the equivalent to that crossfire 290, or spend more on 290X or 780. I was leaving more towards the 780 but I started getting back into mining so now I'm more on the and side preferably.
Budget, about 550 ish , could be lower, could be higher depending on this holiday

Power supply: thermal take toughpower xt 675 watt

Uses: gaming @ 1080p max at around 144 fps or smooth at 1440p in future if I decide to upgrade monitor. Mining dogecoins ,

Sorry if I missed anything I'm a little busy right now so I'm trying to get this typed up quick
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  1. A single 290 will run you $500 to $550 and the 290x $600 to $630 depending on brand and model. Currently the least expensive option is to go with another 7870.
    Selling the XFX 7870 won't net you much since it's a used card so what you want to do will depend largely on your budget amount and what your willing to spend.
    There isn't much sense to going with two 290x cards , so getting two r9-290s will run you roughly $1000 unless you want to buy one now and another later to break up the cost.
  2. This isn't the best time to ve buying this stuff honestly. Id wait 4 months into 2014 see what's new in store. .right now at the prices offered matched to the performance gain I dont ssee it as worth it. If u must though, get a 780 it will last longest and will xfire better in the future, plus it draws far less power than a 7950/290x (need to consider that w xfire configs)
  3. As far as uses go dogecoin mining has risen to the top since is be able to pay off the graphics card quickly mining for doge coins. Also the 7870s are selling pretty good due to the shortage
  4. It's still up to your budget amount as to what you want to do , if you do opt for either the two r9-290s or r9-290Xs you will have to increase your power supply for two cards. You may be able to run two 7870s on your current power supply.
  5. Are you sure? Because ik the reccomended minimum is like 750, but technically the 2 7870s are more power hungry since it's two cards, I'll try a few online calculators and see what that comes to
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  7. I'm thinking two if them, not 1
  8. Right , but chances are that you not using the power supply's total capacity so that leaves enough to run the second card. If you've tried the online calculator what does it show for your Pc with two 7870s ?
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