what graphics card to buy, will it fit in my motherboard and do i need to upgrade psu?

My pc specs:
CPU : Amd FX(tm) 6100 six-core preccessor 3.3 ghz
RAM : 8Gb
Graphics Card : AMD Radeon 6670 2gb graphics card
PSU : Win power+plus 550w
Motherboard: gigabyte 78lmt s2p

I want to upgrade my graphics card to a decent good one that would be able to run bf4 smoothly, i was going to go for a gigabyte gtx 760 4gb or a gigabyte gtx 760 2gb:


Which one is better to get for gaming, do i have to upgrade my psu and will it fit in motherboard.
Need reply asap please
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    get a 760 2gb, 4gb is overkill. the psu is decent. you might not see the performance you want to go for because of your cpu. it is going to seriously hold back your whole system in games
  2. What do you mean by overkill?
  3. not needed. the 760 considered not fast enough to utilze the full 4gb. the only way 4gb is useful is with a multi monitor(higher overal resolution) configuration. but then again a 760 is not powerfull enough
  4. What motherboard could i buy to up the performance?
  5. better prioritze the cpu instead of a motherboard. any budget? edit: looks like you'll be better off with a new cpu and mobo, it will be pretty expensive compared to your current built.
  6. Only spending on the graphics card Thanks for the info man. Merry christmas.
  7. JWildOnes said:
    Only spending on the graphics card Thanks for the info man. Merry christmas.

    you too, merry Xmas
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