is that true led radiation so dangerous for our eyes?

hello guys......i want to ask you about led it true that led radiation can destroy our eyes cells?if i want to buy new monitor for gaming,should i go for lcd for better protection?
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  1. LED is the back light system.

    all monitors are lcd, convectional lcd s have CCFL.

    in the long term both are harmful.
  2. no. they are as dangerous as the light in your room; completely harmless. you're more likely to get cancer drinking 10 cans of pepsi a day if the high sugar level doesn't get to you first.

    if you're so worried about your eye's health, play in a well lit room, & not too close to the monitor.
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    Radiation levels are too low for lcds and studies show it's not the issue. What harms you the most is really the act of your eyes focused at the monitor for long periods of time. You blink less and the contrast of the screen is less idea vs paper. You should also be mindful of the position of it, you want to be slightly looking down and you should also have good room lighting.
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