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I just ordered my first build from newegg yesterday, and I have a question about my motherboard. My motherboard has an 8-pin power connector for the CPU, but my power supply has a 4-pin one. Will it matter if I use a 4-pin connector in an 8-pin slot? some people have told me it will be fine, but i'm just wondering.

Power supply:
(if you're wondering why it's so big, i'm going to install two gtx 660s in SLI as well.)
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  1. The PSU has the 8pin one but it is the 2X4pin ATX12V / EPS12V Connector.
  2. cin19 said:
    The PSU has the 8pin one but it is the 2X4pin ATX12V / EPS12V Connector.

    So, I can just use that?
  3. cin19 is right. That PSU will come standard with the capability to plug into the 8-pin.
  4. that's not to bad of a psu, atleast its a single 12v rail, wonder how it will hold up though, but cin19 is correct that will come with a 2x4 connector to use all 8 pins
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    The PSU is very good, here is review

    Like someone told you that you can use only the 4pin, but your both of MB and psu have the 8pin connector so why not use it. Also the 8pin 12v atx connector is for Ocing the cpu too because you need more power to oc. The reason they split into 2X4pin, because some of lower end MB have the 4pin only. So you can use the psu for them.
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