Can I do this? (Noob question)

Basically I have all my components installed and I want to go ahead and connect all the wiring and boot the PC and get the OS installed and basically set everything up. I then want to unhook everything and do cable management. Will this mess anything up? Connecting all wires setting everything up and then disconnecting, routing all the wires and reconnecting? Is that ok to do?

Sorry for the probably stupid question and if it's in the wrong forum.
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  1. nothing's going to go wrong
  2. Nothing will go wrong as long as you connect everything to it's respective place.

    But I don't see why you wouldn't just do the cable management beforehand.
  3. Yes its fine, I often strip down my machine (removing everything) for cleaning. I take the bare case to work for a good blow out as we have air compressor there. Just take care with the components.
  4. It would work but the more you hook and unhook the components the more chance there is for a mistake. So just be careful when you are everything up and tearing it back down. Personally I would do the cable management as you go.
  5. For those asking why I'm not cable managing as I go, well, I want to make sure the mother board isn't DOA before I careful route everything. Is there a minimal amount of cables I can connect JUST to check and make sure the motherboard is working?
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    Yes, put the board on some card (dont mount in case), connect CPU and cooler, RAM and GPU if applicable. Connect the power leads from the PSU and hook up a monitor (no HDD req for this). See if you can get into bios, if yes then its good board.
  7. Also when you come to mount the board in the case remove the GPU and Power cables but leave the CPU, cooler and ram on the board to make life easy when installing.
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