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Had to reinstall windows vista on dell 1440 laptop. I see windows.old. How do I get those files into new vista.
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  1. Never use any import tool on Vista, enter windows.old and get the data you might need manually
  2. Instead of doing a clean install (my preference) you installed another copy on the same drive. You can probably just delete the .old folder, but you will need to reinstall your programs.
  3. yes
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    About the only think you can really get from the Windows.old folder would be documents music pictures video and such. All of your programs games and such would need to be reinstalled. After you get what you want from the Windows.old folder you can use Disk Cleaner to remove the Windows.old folder and reclaim the hard drive space it takes. Run Disk Cleanup Click OK to scan drive C: after the scan click Clean UP System Files and then there will be a option to remove old Windows installation that will save you a good amount of space.
  5. I've had that issue on my work laptops. Elitebooks HP, create 5 partitions on initial setup. First thing i do is put in a clean win 8.1, delete all drives and new install. I hate HP initial setup
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