Windows 7 and 8 installations fail at "Getting files ready" error 0x8007045D

I've recently had a bout of problems with, what I assumed to be at the time, my SSD drives and so when my last problem occured in which my computer blue screen but then somehow crashed on said blue screen and would not boot, I naturally assumed my SSD was to fault and RMA'd it with OCZ, and instead of using another (again what I assumed to be) faulty SSD I decided to buy a standard HDD to install Windows to instead since i figured it would probably be more reliable.

Now that I have plugged this HDD into my PC and attempted to install Windows 7 via a disc it failed at "Getting your files ready to install" and gave me the error code 0x8007045D so I decided to try installing Windows 8 instead via a USB stick because I thought it might be my disc and / or Windows 7 so I prepared a USB to be a bootable device with my Windows 8 ISO, and when I was installing that everything was going fine until "Getting your files ready to install" at which point it gave me the 0x8007045D error code again. I've even tried unplugging my second hard drive whcih is a 3tb Western Digital Green, which set to GPT instead of MBR, to see if that changes anything but it does not.

I am stumped as to what could be causing these problems as I now believe it to not be problems with the Hard Drives or SSDs themselves but I believe it to be with some other parts of my computer, but what it actually could be is beyond me.

Any help on the subject would be greatly appreciated!

*EDIT* PC Specification
Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 Pro
Processor: AMD Phenom II X4
GPU: HIS AMD Radeon 6950
Memory: 16GB DDR3 (unknown brand)
PSU: 450w Modular PSU (unknown brand)
Hard Drives: Western Digital Green 500GB (One attempting to install OS to) and Western Digital Green Caviar 3tb (storage)
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  1. it can be bad ram or a bad cpu or bad power. from another pc make a memtest86 boot disk and see if one of your ram sticks fail. another test is use 1/2 ram see if the error still there. if it is swap dimm. if it error out again in the bios turn off if you have an i7 hyper threading and cpu cache see if part of the cpu went bad. if it a power issues pull the gpu and try installing the os with onboard gpu only.
  2. Since you haven't mentioned any Hardware yet i will ask as i always do : is your Bios updated?
  3. Rune Olsen said:
    Since you haven't mentioned any Hardware yet i will ask as i always do : is your Bios updated?

    I have not updated it in a while, I'll do a quick edit of the question to add my PC specs
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