Seeking low-profile single-slot video card - dual analog plus hdmi output

Hi everyone! Thank you for any help you can offer. I've spend almost a year trying out different cards and looking at different setups. After I figured out that Digital DVI ports won't work with my Analog monitor setup, I started getting really confused. I am sorry this post is so long but I tried to be as specific as possible.

Current Computer: Dell e521, Dualcore AMD 2ghz processors, 4gb ram, single PCI-E slot and two PCI slots.
Current Video: Nvidia 8800GT PCI-E, and Nvidia 8400GS PCI.
Power Supply: Upgraded to 550 Watt power supply
Output to: Samsung Plasma HDTV (analog or HDMI, though analog looks better for some reason)
Output to: Two Dell 19 inch Analog LCDs.

Video Card Requirements: Dual ANALOG Compatible Output, like the Nvidia 9800GT in the link below. Also needs HDMI out and the ability to run all three displays simultaneously.

Speed Requirements: Must be able to play HD flash videos without skipping, and have basic gaming functions like being able to run Skyrim. My current video setup can do that already but skips at higher resolution videos, whether I'm using Flash or VLC, it just can't handle 1080p. The 9800GT listed below could handle the video without skipping, however it could not output to all three monitors.

What I want to do:

I would like to find good quality video card to fit into my aging Dell E521. The computer is still trucking along even though it's nearly a decade old, but my video cards cannot seem to keep up with video requirements. I have an NVIDIA 8800GT inside my computer now, which skips when I try to play HD flash videos. I also have an Nvidia 8400GS PCI card to run my third monitor from. I would like to get one card that supports all three displays.

What I have tried before:

I used to have an NVIDIA 9800GT, which did not skip at all and let me do almost everything I wanted to do. I am upgrading from the card below which recently died. I don't want to get the same card or one like it because the metal plate on the card took up two slots in my PC, while my PCI-E slot only has one opening. I had to bend the metal plate so that it would fit inside my computer and voided the warranty. I'd rather avoid that in the future.

I bought an NVidia GT 640 which supported output from all three ports, however it only had support for one analog display and HDMI output, which meant I still had to keep my Nvidia 8400GS in the system. However the GT 640 did eliminate all the skipping problems from my video. Additionally, the GT 640 shown in the link below fit into my system perfectly without bending anything.
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    The best low-profile card on the market is still the AMD 7750. Exact outputs will vary by manufacturer, though you'll have a hard time finding HDMI and dual VGA native on a low profile card. Dual DVI can be done with a splitter (which many of these cards come with) then DVI to VGA dongles (typically at least one will be included). It's not elegant, but should do the job.

    NewEgg lists several low profile 7750s, though only one is currently in stock
  2. Sapphire Hd6670 low profile ddr5 graphics card.bout £65 .has VGA.HDMI and dvd-i. Should do the job gr8,
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