What external enclosure (usb 3.0) do i need for a Hitachi Deskstar 7K400?

I have recently bought a new computer & i was wanting to remove the hard drive from the old one & use it as an external drive. According to my research my old drive 25.4 mm & all i can seem to find only fit up 12.5 mm. I am planning on using it to hold things for use with both the new computer & my laptop.
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    If all you can find are ones that fit 12.5mm you are looking at 2.5 inch (Laptop/SSD) drive sizes. You want to look up 3.5 inch hard drive Enclosures like

    I like Rosewill. They are good and Cheap. I have a USB 2.0 enclosure that I have had for about 5 years not without issue.
  2. Thank you very much! this is exectly the type of information i was looking for
  3. and your very welcome!
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