windows 7 background stuck on solid colors?


My parents computer is messed up in many areas and im slowly working on fixing it. This one's new for me though. Under "Personalize" in the desktop background selection, the drop down list for picture location is stuck on Solid Colors... No matter what i click on or scroll up to, it always snaps back to solid colors. The desktop is a solid black. I ran CCleaner and in the process of running malwarebytes. They have Kaspersky and it hasn't reported anything as far as I know. Anyone have an idea?

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    You can use system restore to go back to a previous point where things worked better.
    Take a checkpoint now so you can preserve what you have.

    Have you updated windows to currency?
    If windows thinks you may have a counterfeit copy, it will show black and limit other options.
  2. did you try "browse" button?
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