New comp build. Deciding on a graphics card.

Hey all, so i just bought all the parts for my new desktop and i still havent decided on what graphics card I want to get and am looking for suggestions. I usually just play WoW and League of Legends so i really just want a card that can max, particularly wow's, settings and keep it at a minimum of 60fps. I play other games too but i can handle them not looking as good because i mainly play the 2 games above.

So here are the specs:
i play on a 27" monitor at 1080p

MSI Z77A-G45 Intel 7 Series Motherboard

Intel Core i7-3770 cpu


Thanks for the help guys, its my first build and i really appreciate the advice.

P.S. oh and price range of like 100-200 bucks. but im willing to go a bit over as well
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    For less than $200 your option would be a GTX 660, which can max WoW as it's not a really demanding game.

    On another topic, you may want to return that PSU as its reputation is not really good, look at units from Seasonic, Antec, XFX or Corsair. A good, budget friendly one are the Corsair CXM series, like this one:
  2. Agree with PepitoTV.
    Both those games prefer Nvidia cards and the fastest within budget is indeed the GTX660.
    That power supply is both cheap and nasty, do your system a big favour and swap it for something better.
    This is not quite as expensive as the Corsair linked by PepitoTV, but it's not modular either:
  3. Alright cool. Thanks guys sounds like the 660 is my card :). About the power supply, does mine have rep for like hardware malfunctions or?
  4. That's exactly the case. Just google your model and behold the horror stories.
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