My computer keeps freezing when I'm gaming

I just finished my build and it freezes about every ten to 30 minutes of gaming. My gpu never goes above 67 c and my CPU, never above 37 c( water cooler). When I'm on chrome, it doesn't freeze but only in games such as battlefield 4. The screen either turns black or gray and the sounds buzzes except sometimes, it stops and I am still on Skype with my friends. My system is:
4670k ( no over clock yet)
Gtx 770 direct cu2
16 gb (4x4) g.skills. 1866
64 bit windows 8
120 gb samsung evo
1 tb red drive wd
Phobya 360 water cooling kit
Evga 650g
Any help appreciated
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  1. What motherboard do you have? Update to latest bios?

    I also see you have the Samsung Evo drive, did you install Samsung Magician?
  2. what is your mobo and psu????
  3. Sorry, the gigabyte z87 ud4h and the psu was the evga 650 g, yes I did install samsung magician and I already tried updating bios and all of the drivers for the motherboard also.
  4. to determine if the problem is with your gpu or not....i would suggest you use the igpu for a day, see if the freeze occurs or not. if it doesn't than its your gpu.
  5. I did and I'm pretty sure it is the gpu. Should I contact asus?
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    yeah contact asus for your card
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