Good/Bad? Help - FT03-mini First time PC Builder

1 xSilverstone Fortress FT03-Mini black

1 x 450W Silverstone SST-ST45SF-G Strider SFX Modular 80PLUS GOLD

1 x Intel® Core™ i7-4770K Processor (8M Cache, up to 3.90 GHz)

Thermal Paste
1 x MX-4

CPU Cooler
1 x Cooler Master Seidon 120M

1 x Nvidia GeForce GTX 680

1 x Corsair Dominator DDR3 1600MHz 16GB (2x8)


Optical Drive
1 x SilverStone SOB02

Short Cable Kit
1 x PPO5-E

1 xSSD mainly OS (what would be nice to store on it too?)
1 xHDD 3TB

Alright these are basically the hardware that I want to fit inside of this case but... (The small form factor is a big thing for me.. as a must)
I'm in big doubt of the fact if the PSU is capable of powering up all of the hardware
What would you guys suggest I should do?
-Should I change the GPU with another one
-Should I remove the SSD
-Should I change the case.. if so then which
-Anything at all let me know like what kind HDD should I get ect.

This is the first time I'm building a pc from scratch
I'm going to use it for gaming and normal stuff (Movies, music, browsing, youtubing ect.)
Games I'm playing:
-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
-Starcraft 2
-Tomb Raider
-Batman Origins

My budget doesn't really matter but I do want a fast PC that can fit inside the "FT03-mini" but any comments are appreciated if I've gone overboard on certain hardware
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  1. The PSU will not power that rig, look for at least a 550w 80+ bronze of good quality.
  2. SimonGranstrom said:
    The PSU will not power that rig, look for at least a 550w 80+ bronze of good quality.

    well I can't improve on the PSU, there doesn't exist a more powerful psu that fits inside of the FT03 MINI ?
    What would you suggest that I should do.. Do I have any chance of running just 1 HDD and 1 Optical Drive together with good GPU ?
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