Need help upgrading PSU for new graphics card and potentially new CPU.

I'm looking to upgrade my GPU from a 550TI to an R9 270X (still don't have a specific manufacturer chosen yet). I have a few questions involving the upgrade, and to make it simple I'll just bullet them-

*Right now, I have a 500 Watt PSU, my aforementioned GPU, and a Phenom II 965 black x4 @ 3.4, 12 GB (6x2) DDR3 ( I forget the speed, but I don't think it's really relevant for the question),and a little PCI-E Wireless network adapter all on my BIOSTAR ta870us+ Mobo.

My power supply is working fine now, but I'm almost certain that it won't be enough for this upgrade (especially if the CPU is gonna bottleneck and I'll need to upgrade it) so my question is what PSU would you recommend to me with my current setup only with the upgraded GPU? If my next question confirms that I need to upgrade my CPU to avoid excessive bottlenecking, take that into account as well please.

*As I said above, I'm wondering if my CPU is gonna be the weak link in my system, if it is, could anybody recommend me a good replacement?

*My enclosure is too small. my little 550 has only about an inch left till it touches the metal expansion brackets that hold extra HDDs or Optical drives. I'd like to change cases, so could anybody recommend a good case for my needs?

I'd like to stay around 350-400$ but 500$ is my absolute budget here. Am I asking for too much for too little? If not, your help is appreciated, and any other remarks would be quite nice.

I'm working on my COMP TIA A+ (eventually i'll move on to my networking and security A+), and I've never built a computer before, only switched out components. This current build was built by my father, I just chose the components and mobo. I wonder if switching cases if above my skill level? I'll probably try regardless and be wary of ESD and generally just go slow and take notice of everything, but I ask your opinion on this too.

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    500 watts is enough for a 270x.

    I think the cpu will bottleneck. Good budget options are the fx 6300 or the 8320 from AMD.

    If you get one of those you will need an AM3+ socket motherboard

    As to the case I would recommend going on newegg. Use its search features to find the price and features you need/want. I like this method over just recommending a case since a large part of cases is the aesthetic. Find one that you think looks good for your budget, has the features you need, and reviews from satisfied customers :)

    Here is a 270x for $210 with a copy of bf4
    More importantly the saphire vapor-X cooler has been know to be a great cooler.
  2. Thanks for the reply, man. I may upgrade my PSU and just grab the 280x to lengthen the time between upgrades. Thanks again.
  3. Ikana said:
    Thanks for the reply, man. I may upgrade my PSU and just grab the 280x to lengthen the time between upgrades. Thanks again.

    Thats always a good idea, might cost a bit more, but performance will be better and longer :)
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