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hi guys :D

i'm having a weird problems with my display; when i'm not in a 3d app (e.g. video game) my display works like a charm but when i play a game i notice subtle flickering. it is more visible on shaded darky areas and so far i figured out that if i turn v-sync on the problem is gone. that's where the 2nd problem comes in. in most of my games i'm having circa 50 fps and v-sync drops it to capped 30 and it's as not as annoying as the lines (waves whatever ; the flickering) but it is still annoying as hell. my question is is there any other way to stop the flickering without the loss of the fps? are those bad drivers? i noticed that when i fully delete my amd catalyst drivers and all that the problem is gone but the games are going like 5 fps lol (duh). i already replaced my gpu and it wasn't the problem with it obviously and i'm ~80% sure that it's a software problem :) anyways all help welcome :)
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  1. What refresh rate does your monitor/tv have?
  2. on 1680x1050 (native) it's on 60hz
  3. Try lowering your resolution. Also, what connection are you using for video output?
  4. lowering the res didn't help and changing the refresh rate on that lower res also didn't help (i tried 1440 x 900 @ 75hz). i'm using vga (i know) because my monitor only has vga

    edit: not sure if buying a new monitor would help (i'd buy smtn with hdmi and full hd res) but i really don't have the money to spare right now; can the psu be a prob? or could i possibly not have inserted the gpu into the pci properly?

    edit 2: not sure if this is relevant but i had a 2nd defect up until recently, any game i played would freeze after like 5 mins or so and some weird chess table glitches etc. appeared moments before the freezing would happen. anyways solved that prob by changing the ram . those lines really get on my nerves
  5. Try running 1280x960 @60Hz

    edit: you can actually try running your same res of 1440x900 but still change the refresh to 60Hz

    edit: also, you definitely want to upgrade your monitor whenever you can. VGA is not good for gaming. It's not that it doesn't work, it's just not very pretty. haha
  6. Could be the fact that the monitor is older (since VGA is an older format) and so it's somewhat incompatible, so it causes glitches.

    Try setting your monitor to factory settings. Also try what deadmaufive said, lower your refresh rate.

    Go to your AMD catalyst control center> Open the "desktop management" tab> click "Desktop properties" > click the refresh rate & set it to a lower number.
  7. It's probably your monitor. Try using a different monitor and see if it stops.
  8. Hardware OCP did a detailed article on the effects of vsync:

    Basically, it creates a buffer which tends to drop observed fps but yields smoother on screen game play preventing screen tearing, flickering and the like. It becomes an issue when frame rates are lower than the monitor refresh rate on a constant basis. So keep it on for older games with really high fps and turn it off with newer high demanding games that have lower fps to begin with. So your non gaming experience will tend to not have issues but when you get to more graphically intensive parts of games you will see the negative fps even though the artifacts are gone.
    So, no this is not likely a bad driver issue or anything. Just the inherent pros and cons of activating vsync most likely. As to solutions to increase fps other than this, you'll likely have to get a stronger card and or cpu, lower settings on some games, and like others have mentioned when you can upgrade your monitor it would probably help too! It's just frustrating sometimes! Have fun!


    Justin S.
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