Boot from USB rescue media gives little row of colored dots windows 7

Windows 7 won't boot from my SSD, says that the device has changed. The real problem is when I try to boot from a USB boot disk I made according to instructions when I first got my computer, the screen shows activity but is mostly black with a small row of colored dots across the top of the screen (some of which are red and flashing.) No cursor, no intelligible data.

Windows 7 professional
Laptop: Lenovo W530 Intel 7i quad-core
Boot drive: Kinston 120GB SSD
USB: Sandisk Cruzer 8gb micro

Also, I burned a "Windows Recovery CD" when I very first got the computer as well. When I try to boot from that CD I get a "Non-system disk" type error.

Any help to get my computer booted so I can do ANYTHING would be very appreciated.

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  1. Your system will not boot from any CD until you change the first boot device in BIOS Setup so it says "CD/DVD drive" .
    Most computers also have a "one off" selection menu by tapping F12 continuously when you turn on your computer.
    This method is best for changing the boot device on a "one time" basis as it means you don't need to go into BIOS Setup which can be a bit daunting for those who are not familiar with it.
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