Should I downgrade my case so I can buy a third party CPU cooler?

Currently I am spending $89 on the bitfenix shinobi (black w/ window), and I'm going to buy the AMD fx-6300 CPU. I'm only going to be using the PC for gaming/youtube etc. and I was wondering if I should get a cheaper case ($50-60) so that I can fit a third party CPU cooler into my budget? If so I'd want to get the CM tx3 (don't want to install backplanes etc.)

No. I will not be overclocking as this is my first build. Do you think it's worth it to get the cooler? If you think so, please recommend me a good $50-60 case from ONLY.

Thanks :)
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  1. If you would only be getting a tx3 it is pointless. it will barely be better than the stock cooler. Not enough to overclock really, so go with the case.
  2. Alright, but I'm not overclocking at all, even if I got a third party cooler. Will the stock cooler be reasonable, at least for awhile before I can purchase a third party one?
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    Don't even waste money on a cooler if you aren't overclocking. The Stock cooler is perfectly fine. You NEVER need to replace it, unless you are overclokcing it will be fine.
  4. The only real problem with the stock cooler is it can get loud when the CPU is at full load other than that it will cool the CPU just fine. Plus if you will not even consider a better cooler like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO then there is little point in eve changing the cooler anyway just stick with the rather loud stock cooler and keep your case.
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