How to burn .iso file to the CD?

How do I burn the .iso file on a CD in Windows 8? What app can I use? I have the Power2Go Cyberlink ISO viewer- it came with Asus DVD. When I right-click on a file, it offers me to "View Disk Image". So I did that and it has option to burn it to the disk.It is now iBoot-Haswell.iso. I can also use "Send To" (right click on the file in file explorer) and send it to DVD drive- when I do so- it opens the DVD drive asking for the CD. This option also asks me how I want to write it- As USB (able to edit or delete individual files) or as CD/DVD. I chose CD/DVD. Closed DVD drive with CD in it and nothing happens. Is it supposed to start burning it or what? If I click on that drive on File Explorer, it shows "Files to be written to the Disk" and the file name, but there is no "Burn" or "Write" button. How do I make it burn? Thank you.
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  1. IMGBurn is a good free program
  2. I thought- my computer should be able to burn CD without any program- I remember doing it before, just forgot how.
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  4. Ok, thank you for your replies. What happened is that this program, Power2Go Cyberlink was showing up as default and I did not have "Burn Disk Image" option where it supposed to be. So I had to use "Set default programs" and now it burned it old Windows way. Thank you for your help. It does not have to be DVD, right- instruction for iBoot says- CD. Thank you.
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