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Currently my CPU runs at 85C with battle field 4. Because of this i don't play demanding games. I'm looking for a cooler that will bring down the price. Preferably air cooling. I was looking at the classic hyper 212 EVO; my question is that will it get the job done? The 3570k is not overclocked, it idles at around 40C with a room temp of 75F. Did i just get unlucky with my stock CPU cooler? Would the hyper212 get temps down or would i need a more powerful cooler?
I was also wondering would the 212 EVO fit in my case?
I know it would be hard to judge without a picture. If anyone has any experience with the cooler, is it relatively big?
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  1. the hyper 212 is a cheap and very effective cpu air cooler, you should get rid of the stock heatsink and get a 212 :)
  2. as he said above the cooler is good and yes it will fit in the case temps will drop but thats depends on how you install the cooler
  3. The Cooler Master Hyper Evo 212 will fit in your case, and is an awesome cooler for the money. By the way, you did not get unlucky with the stock cooler, they always suck :)
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    Get the Hyper 212 Plus/EVO. I have one and it is fairly quiet and keeps my temps low. Make sure it can fit in your case though. Also buy some 99% Isopropyl alcohol to remove the pre-existing thermalpaste. look up a video if you're unsure. Do these things PROPERLY and you will have lower temps. Good Luck!
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