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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased the Seiki SE39UY04 39" 4K TV. I am running Windows 8.1 with GeForce GT 640. When I plug the included HDMI cable into my computer, the Seiki recognises it as being DVI, therefore I cannot get 4k resolution.

I have updated all the nvidia drivers, rebooted the computer and screen multiple times yet it still is being recognised as DVI. I have tried all of the 3 HDMI ports and also used different HDMI 1.4 cables to no avail.

Is there something else I can try??
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  1. Are you sure the GT 640 can even output 4K? The card might not support 4K and lower itself to i think 1920x1080. I'm not sure if all cards can output 4K. you might have to do some research on this.
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