my pc wont work properly im not sure what the problem is

so ive recently pieced together a new pc and it wont let me start windows in normal mode, only in safe mode this is litterally on first startup it let me go into normal startup once then asked to restart pc so i did and now i have this going on. if i try to start up and run on normal mode my screen goes black but i can hear windows loading and going to my select a user area. if i choose safe mode it works fine except the fact that safe mode is useless and does not allow anything useful. could this be a problem with my graphic card, because im using a kind of old one but i wouldnt personally think my pc would work at all it has no integrated graphics. any suggestions please.
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  1. Probably your videocard driver has been set on wrong screen resolution /or something/. You need /most likely/ to uninstall it in safe mode and then reinstall it in normal again.
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