Good GPU temperature for my video card?

I just got a 6790 today and i am wondering what are good normal and load temperatures for my video card? Right now on idle my GPU runs @56C and under max load it runs 77C to 80C. Is this okay or should i be worried?
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    The idle temp seems a bit warm but it's nothing to worry about, the load temps are the ones to keep an eye out for

    Normal GPUs using reference coolers should run around 80 degrees when under load so you shouldn't really worry about your temperatures until they exceed 85C or so

    If you haven't already, download and install MSI Afterburner and set up a custom fan curve
  2. How do you setup custom fan with that? I'm not familiar with the program. Also i just got up to 88C at load, not sure what to do.

    Older Radeon cards do run fairly warm, hopefully a fan curve will alleviate some of that heat
  4. Yeah also my case isn't the best, cooling wise. Its a very small case and i cant put any fans in the front and only 2 fans on the back. Plus the fans that are on the components themselves
  5. Yeah a small cramped case isn't really great, my friend had an OEM system which he later added a 5770 to later which ran at 100C at full load. I'm surprised how it managed to last 2 years until he got a new build altogether
  6. yeah hopefully with my tax money this year i will get a bigger case and hopefully have not killed my pc by the end January/beginning of February lol
  7. :lol: fingers crossed
  8. You think ill be okay with these current temps until then?
  9. I'd be a little worried but it should (technically) survive, but see how it goes with the Afterburner fan profile (set it to 100% at 90C etc.)
  10. I set it to hit 80% fan speed when it hits 60C then 100% when it hits 85C
  11. Now to observe I guess, it's better to have a loud fan than an overheating but quiet chip :lol:
  12. Think taking the backside of my case off will help temps? Not the side that exposes the components but the other side.
  13. You mean the extra back brackets? it would be easier for a bug or something to climb in haha
  14. No not the brackets on the back. i can remove the left and right side of my case. One side shows the parts inside while the other side just shows the metal part that the motherboard sites off of with the risers
  15. That should help a bit, just watch for the extra dust that might end up going in (or anything that might climb inside)

    Hehe that reminds me of this

  16. I just tested another game. Max load on it got to 73C lol
  17. Then there shouldn't be anything to worry about for the moment lols
  18. Hope so, i really appreciate your help, thank you :)
  19. No worries :D
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