Which one should I buy: Asus Nvidia geforce gtx 770 2gb or Asus Amd radeon r9 280x 3gb overclocked?

The Price is about the same.
The card Manufacturer must be Asus for me.
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  1. Nvidia cards are preferred for playing games from Ubisoft.
  2. The 770 outperforms the 280x as well get the 770
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    Here this is a review of the 280x 770 is also included at this point it all comes down to personal preference if i had to make the choice i would go red i like amd but maybe u want and love the green team its ur choice merry Christmas
  4. Go for the GTX 770! I know this post is solved, but I just wanna put it out there. If you get the 770, you'll get 3 free games with is (batman arkham origins, assassin's creed 4 and splinter cell blacklist). just my opinion.
  5. Will I get the 3 games with any card I buy? Or does it have to be specified by the seller? I wanna get the 770 phantom by gainward
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