Build FLOP: assembled on motherboard box, Power up, BIOS MENU, Power down, Carefully install CASE Plugin wires, NO power on

Intel pentium G2020 | Asrock extreme 3 z77 | ASUS GTX650TIB-DC2OC-2GD5 | RaidMax Helios Case | Cooler Master GX - 650W | WD blue 1 TB HDD | Kingston HyperX Blu 8GB (2 x 4GB) KHX1333C9D3B1K2/8G

I carefully removed mobo from static bag and placed bag away from mobo laying on top of it's cardboard box. Then Cleaned CPU thermal paste off stock intel fan with 99% alcohol. Before installing carefully inspected CPU and mobo socket for any bent pins or foreign materials, I cleaned the heat spreader on CPU with 99% alcohol. After allowing to dry I applied XIGMATEK PTI-G4512 in a size smaller than a pea but larger than a grain of rice in the middle of the heat spreader. I snapped down the stock cooler firmly and plugged in fan connector. I installed the RAM and the GPU. After the power supply connections were plugged in, I powered on and confirmed the BIOS screen. I used the same trick to short the ground to the power pins to power down.

I checked the standoffs installed in the case and had to move some around to match mobo. I put in the I/O shield and carefully laid the mobo into place. I put the red rubber washers over the screws and tightened them carefully with the proper size screw driver being very careful not to touch the motherboard solder joints. I put in the power supply and screwed it in to case. I routed cables from PSU to motherboard (Just like when working on box). Installed HDD. Plugged in the case connections just like motherboard and case manual recommend. Power came on and went off immediately. Nothing happened. I unplugged all the case connectors the power buttons and lights. Pins were not damaged. Tried to short out the power button pin to ground pin. Power comes on and goes right back off immediately. Rechecked every PSU connection and every other possibility. I am out of ideas.
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  1. Is it the same with only CPU and CPU fan installed? If yes, then check again the standoffs. Is there a CPU fan backplate installed that might short the board?
  2. Thanks for fast reply Alexoiu!

    alexoiu said:
    Is it the same with only CPU and CPU fan installed?...Is there a CPU fan backplate installed that might short the board?
    I have only the stock intel heatsink and fan with Pushpins for installation.

    alexoiu said:
    If yes, then check again the standoffs...

    I double checked each standoff for tightening. I tested the thread compatibility of each kind of screw included with case hardware to make sure I had the right screws for standoffs.

    *Should I take mobo out to check standoffs? How to inspect standoffs? I am not sure what else to check.

    :pt1cable: On the positive side I can always benchtest on cardboard mobo box again to make sure nothing is broken while I have everything uninstalled.

    *Will pictures help with this troubleshooting process?
  3. Weird. Check if each standoff matches the board's screw hole. Something is shorting the board.
    A picture of the case with the standoffs mounted would help.
  4. alexoiu said:
    Check if each standoff matches the board's screw hole.
    Yes. They are matched to the motherboard holes because I can see the gold standoffs from above the motherboard before screwing it down.

    alexoiu said:
    Something is shorting the board.
    You are right. I removed the motherboard and set it up on the motherboard box and everything works :P

    alexoiu said:
    A picture of the case with the standoffs mounted would help.
    Great idea!

    Case with Standoffs

    Hardware Included with Case

    Benchtest / Motherboard Pictures

    More pics on @ Build FLOP
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    It's OK. Now, can you post a picture with the board installed inside the case, but no PSU cables attached and without the graphics card inserted? Do not use the washers this time and don't overtighten the screws. Lightly screw in all of the motherboard screws until you're sure everything lines up properly, then go back and tighten them.
  6. alexoiu said:
    ...Do not use the washers this time...

    Thanks for bearing with me. The washers were the problem.
  7. Glad you've solved it. A happy new year!
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