Are these Water Cooling Components Compatible with Each Other?

Hey guys!

This is my first post in the forums. Love the site!

So I am building my first custom Water Cooling rig and want to know if these components are compatible with each other.

Is it bad to have opaque coler tubing?

Should I put additives in my coolant?

Is distilled water just fine for coolant?

Also are the Radiators that I chose really good?

I'm also looking for a tubular resorvior. Is the one in my list any good or are there better?
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  1. Is a little all over the place but I'll do my best:

    Color of the tubing is fine. What do you mean by bad?
    Distilled water is fine. You can add a biocide like the one you listed there but you already have one, that is what the silver "kill" coil is for. You can do both of course but I don't think you need to. Some people also like to add an anti corrosive but if you aren't mixing metals I wouldn't worry about it.
    I don't like the rads but I haven't personally used any 140mm so I can't say for sure. I think XSPC makes mostly garbage though. Are you actually planning on mounting all three of these or are they options?
    For the res, pick a major brand, and then get something you like the looks of. Then google reviews of it to make sure people aren't reporting leaks, air problems, etc. Phobya is another company I try to avoid but I'm sure it's fine.
    Compatibility wise, your fittings don't go with your tubing. With compression fittings, you need to match up the inner and outer diamater of the fitting with the tube. They must match.
    Incidentally, the block is okay; the major appeal of that block though is that they sell one with a built in pump. You may want to look into that.
    All in all, amazon may not be the best place to look for parts. Try places like frozen cpu, performance pcs, jab-tech has good prices but not as great selection, same with sidewinder.

    Anyways, those are just some ideas to think about. Hope that helps.
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    1. No
    2. A killcoil or Biocide of some form
    3. Yup, provided the above is in place
    4. Their certainly not bad, and there is way more than enough to cool what you have there. Is there a GPU block your getting somewhere else?
    5. A reservoir is a reservoir, get whatever as long as it doesnt leak (which pretty much nothing will) and will work with your tubing route.

    Your fittings arent compatible with your tubing (Amazon does such a good job of telling you relevant dimensions, don't know how you could have missed it [/sarcasm]). 7/16" on 1/2" fittings is actually a thing, but only on barb fittings, as there it doesnt matter if the OD bulges.
    Also the barbs on the pump are 1/2", here 7/16" tubing will be fine. Though you can get G1/4" threaded D5's from FrozenCPU.
  3. Thanks for your in-depth reply.

    I plan on only having 2 rads. I'll look for high rated rads online.

    I'll look into other cylindrical res.

    I found some proper compression fittings (7/16 x 5/8) to match the tubing a couple if those websites thanx. I chose BitsPower fittings.

    Would you recommend color or clear tubing? Distilled water vs. Coolant?
  4. I am waiting on a gpu block cause I want to upgrade my gpu first. Current gpu is an AMD Radeon 6970. Thinking of investing in a workbench AMD firepro W7000 and a XFX R9 290 AS well.

    I have chosen 7/16 x 5/8 tubes and compression fittings from advanced-pc and jab tech websites.
  5. Are RAM water blocks worth it? If anything they would extend my loop and make my rig look cool.
  6. For rads, check out Martins Liquid Labs, pretty much the best source of radiator reviews. Skinny Labs is best for blocks, though dont know if he is back up yet.
    I dont see anything wrong with that res, Phobya are a good WC company. Pretty much any big name is good, bad brands dont tend to last long in this market.
    Colour vs Clear, really doesnt matter. Get whatever you think looks better. I do advise against the use of dyes though, which IMO is the main reason why you would pick clear. Distilled water all the waay.
    RAM water-blocks are very not worth it unless you are just after aesthetics. DDR3 quite simply does not need anything special in the way of cooling.
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