Continuous Buzzing noise coming from PC when playing BF4

Hi, just need some help with this. Here is a video of what is happening basically:
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  1. I seen the youtube film and the noise is louder whem you are closer to the video card.Try to put yor ear closed . Maybe is the video card cooler.
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    Yep this is Coil Whine here, i leave you a video about it:

    Dont worry good luck mate.
  3. Whoa, that is loud....

    Coil whine, yeah, but could be coils in your powersupply too. It's really hard to isolate the location of the sound by ear. I would try moving the powersupply outside the case so you can be sure it's the graphics card. Or borrow a graphics card from a friend or take your card to a friends to see if you still have the issue....

    Solution, replace the card hopefully under warranty IF it is the source.... (I couldn't tolerate that much noise, well, headphones would help cover it up while gaming...)
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