Which is the best gaming Motherboard for within 150$ ?

HI confused to select a suitable motherboard please help

MY condition
I run on a dual core processor now so i plan to use it on new motherboard until i have a descent amount of money to buy a high end processor

I am from India so it will be lot easier if u select from this site

oh 150$ equal to 9252 rs, my budegt can go upto 10000 RS.
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  1. Go for MSI Z87-G43 Mobo. Its available in Flipkart.
  2. But the first one can afford upto 64 gigs of RAM but it won't be used when gaming.
  3. hmm ok what about a lower budget one ?
  4. Best answer
    If you choose a lower budget one other than my recommendation, then it won't be future proof. These are the best for your budget.
  5. ok good ,thnx
  6. Don't forget to choose a solution in order to close the forum.
  7. i knw bro i will, just waiting to see anymore options
  8. Ok. Its your wish.
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