Gigabyte Motherboard DUAL CHANNEL MEMORY Issue - PLEASE HELP


I'm trying to sort out a PC build for my brother, that I've been desperately trying to get sorted for Christmas. Time is now ticking, and after much internet searching, etc etc, i've decided to bite the bullet and post on here in the hope of answers.

I'm using a Gigabyte GA-Z77P-D3 motherboard, with an Intel i5 3570k CPU, and a CORSAIR CX600W PSU. Currently, nothing else is attached to the PC (to eliminate any potential issue making parts!)

I have 4x 2GB memory sticks, they are BALLISTIX SPORT, BG112Q5.R8, 1600MHZ, 9-9-9-24 1.5V.

For the life of me, I CANNOT get the computer to start up with all 4 of these sticks in...

If I connect 2x sticks in the DDR3_1 and DDR3_3 sockets, the PC starts up absolutely fine. I can access the BIOS, and configure things, etc etc. But if I add either 1 or 2 sticks then to DDR3_2 and DDR3_4 sockets, the system starts, I get a continuous beeping from the System Speaker, then they system restarts after about 5 seconds. The process continues indefinitely.

If I put memory in JUST DDR3_2 and DDR_4, the same thing happens.

I've tried swapping the sticks around. Any and all of the sticks work in DDR3_1 and DDR_3. NONE of the sticks allow the system to boot when in DDR3_2 and DD3_4, either alone or in conjunction with DDR3_1 and DDR_3.

I've upgraded the BIOS to the latest version on the Gigabyte website. No change. I've gone into the BIOS and i cannot see any option for allowing DUAL channel memory, it seems it should just be automatic. The manual doesn't suggest changing any settings. The manual isn't very helpful at all to be honest.
Would it make any difference if I put a hard drive in and install windows 8? Wondering if maybe it sees that I've got a 64bit OS installed it'll allow more than 4GB of RAM to be installed at a time? Sounds mad, but this is about all I have left that I can think of.

Does any one have any suggestions? I'm honestly about ready to throw the thing out the window.
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  1. Sounds like you have at least one bad ram slot in either 2 or 4.
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