First ever PC build (gaming - ~£1,000 to £1,500 budget)

Hi, I'm putting together my first ever build and after spending some time looking at different parts I believe I've come up with a build I'd like to try. However, seeing as it is my first build, I'd appreciate it if people with more experience in this area could help me by having a look at the build and giving advice on things you'd change if it were your own build

I'm going to be adding another 4GB of RAM from my existing PC and could potentially be reusing the hard drive as well which would free up a bit of money for spending elsewhere. I chose the GTX 770 because after looking at benchmarks for BF4 and ArmA3 it seems to be a reasonably good card. I've also got the option of getting a second one for SLI which is a very strong possibility in a month or two.

So yeah, if anyone could give me a few tips on what you'd change, that'd be great! :)


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  1. it looks okay to me, seems like you got most of the highlights of what I know about computer building. I would want 16gb of Ram myself because I like to have web browsers open all the time with many tabs, I kind of don't like bookmarks somewhat. I also prefer to just leave them open even when I am gaming. 8gb is fine though, if you don't do a lot of multitasking or use a ton of web tabs you'll never notice. Mixing memory brands and speeds is a bit of a iffy idea if thats what you were doing. I might recommend windows 8 over 7 because its under the hood is supposed to be a bit better and they fixed the UI well enough and are planning on bringing the start menu back also so it should be fine.
  2. One thing I would change is the heat sink. Anandtech ( showed that both the U12S and U14S beat the D14 in performance and noise. Plus, I believe the U12S/14S are cheaper, lighter (less stress on MOBO), and less likely to interfere with tall memory.

    The 850W is overkill for a single GPU, but if you're sure about SLI, it's no problem.

    And lastly, regarding the return of the start menu in windows 8 like the above poster said: Microsoft promised to bring back the start button and we all know how that turned out.
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