hd 7770 + i3 3220 + h61 mobo how much ram do I need?

1 slot of 4gb 1333mhz will be enough? I will be playing games at 1320x768 or should I turn to a 1600 mhz memory?


oh I just forgot something how much psu do I need?
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  1. What would you be using the pc for?

    For most things like gaming 8gb is more then sufficient, but for editing and stuff I recommend 16gb

    Can't really link any as I'm on my ipad.
  2. Its just for gaming but what I would like to know is how much mhz of ram does that setup needs
  3. Better get 8GB, you won't have to upgrade in a while and games do utilize 8GB of RAM
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    for this setup 4GB is enough, had a similar setup, it was sufficient
    if there is marginal difference at price between 1333 and 1600 ram, then get the 1600, although at normal usage you will not see any difference
    450W quality PSU will be enough
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