Monitor won't display anything after i remove and place back the RAM

A couple of months ago i costum build a pc with asus rampage motherboard gtx 560 graphics and 8 gm ram (2x4). Recently i realized that the pc was only using 4gb ram. so i removed the 2 sticks of ram and change their possitions( the ram was in first slot placed in the third and the ram at the third slot at the first. Then i pressed the memOK button and the pc turned on. The display didn't show anything so i removed and place back the ram 3 times. still nothing. Anyone knows what to do?

If i push the ram hard into it's slot is there any chance of destorying it? cause i did a little... please tell me no
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  1. Hopefully it's more likely something got knocked loos, check all your power connections, that the cooler is nice and snug, the GPU is firmly seated and it's power plug(s) are in, cables on back and to monitor attached, et al
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